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Blog redesign | Star Wars images

Hi everyone. I updated the blog this weekend with a new design including a new header image. The image is a detail from Allan R. Banks’ painting, Celebration of Naboo Youth on Freedom Day. This painting was done for the Lucasfilm book, Star Wars Art: Visions. Gandy Gallery was asked to participate in the book project by the studio, and we were excited to have three of our artists, Allan Banks, Carl Samson, and Steve Levin chosen to create works for the book. The three paintings, which appear in the book, were also purchased by George Lucas.

Allan R. Banks, Celebration of Naboo Youth on Freedom Day

Allan R. Banks
Celebration of Naboo Youth on Freedom Day
Oil on linen, 54 x 62”

Carl J. Samson, Padme Resplendent with Naboo Mandala

Carl J. Samson
Padme Resplendent with Naboo Mandala
Oil with 22 and 23K gold leaf background on chestnut panel, 24 x 20”

Steven J. Levin, Portrait of Darth Vader

Steven J. Levin
Portrait of Darth Vader
Oil on linen, 56 x 46”

Richard F. Lack Official Obituary

Lack_photo Nationally known artist Richard F. Lack, passed away on Tuesday, September 22, 2009. He is survived by his wife, Katherine; daughter, Susanna (Michael); sons, Peter (Paulette) and Michael, granddaughter Maren; extended family and countless friends.

Richard Lack was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on March 26, 1928, where he grew up among Scandinavian immigrant families. His father Fred A. Lack was a dentist whose family emigrated from Germany; his mother, Mildred Peterson, had parents who came from Norway.

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Sunrise Daytona Beach

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Shot this a few weeks ago off the balcony of our hotel in Dayton Beach, Florida. The balcony was at an angle to the beach, and as I was about to click the shutter, I heard a noise behind me. I turned to see a lady in her nightgown on the balcony behind me trying to get a view with her camera. I snapped mine and retreated into the room.

Dayton Beach Sunrise

Shot with the Canon 1D MkIIN and 24-70 2.8L.

South GA Rainy Landscape

We celebrated Christmas Day with my side of the family at Dustin and Katie’s home south of Valdosta, GA. It was a rainy day, and I kept being drawn to the window and the landscape across the highway.

I finally went outside and grabbed a quick photo with the Canon 10D and 50mm f1.4 lens. The 10D is the older version of Canon’s new EOS 40D. This rural landscape, with the chilly rain descending upon the pine trees and cattle evokes almost a spiritual response–at least it does for me. Good to be able to go inside and enjoy the warmth of Christmas and a wonderful family!

© R. Gandy, Georgia Landscape After Inness 
The scene reminds me of the work of the great landscape painter, George Inness. Born in New York, Inness painted in many parts of the country and Europe, and a number of his paintings were of Georgia and Florida landscapes.

George Inness
Sunrise, 1887

George Inness
Georgia Pines Afternoon, 1886

George Inness
Moonlight Tarpon Springs Florida, 1892

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