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Night before surgery – Oct. 31, 2007
Oct. 31, 2007 profile


Day 1 - 4PM Day 1 — 11/1/07 4:00 PM

Just out of recovery and into room. Notice the drains coming out of my mouth and into the tubes beside my ears. My sister got upset when she saw me. My wife handled it pretty well because I had shown her photos from other blogs in advance.


Day 1 -  7:53 PM

Day 1 — 11/1/07 7:53 PM.

Doctor Optid (left) and Dr. Cho.


Day 2

Day 2 — 11/2/07 9:22 AM

Great hairdo! I don’t want to see anyone copying my new style. I call it, Morphine Pineapple Spritz.

My jaws were hurting and lips obviously stretched and swelled from surgery.


Day 3 — 11/03/07 8:16 AM

Mornings were rough in the hospital. Always woke up with a dry mouth and jaws hurting. Swelling down a little. Variation on the Morphine hairstyle. Day 3 - FrontDay 3 - Profile 


RGDay 3 — 11/03/07 9:06 PM

Amazing the difference a bath and a little shampoo makes. I feel much better being at home. Now it’s just rest, take the meds, eat the right foods, and heal.

I have rubber bands on my teeth. My mouth still hurts, and I have to take roxicet liquid every 6 hrs.



A couple of stitches on lower jaws where they had to go in with screws. Otherwise, all cuts on inside of mouth.



Flowers from my wife, Jeaneane.


108 Balloons from my daughter, Jessica. I also got a pair of really warm bedroom shoes from my mother and sister. Thanks! I’m wearing them right now.

I also got cards from lots of folks. Thanks! It really cheered me up.


105 Beautiful live flower arrangement sent from Betty and the MeadWestvaco operations team.



Another beautiful arrangement from Cheryl and the MWV Atlanta team.


Day 5 – 11/05/07 10:42 PM

104 101




Day 8 – 11/08/07 10:05 PM

Look a little silly trying to smile for the camera.



Day 11 — 11/11/07

Swelling going down a little each day.



Day 18 – My wife, Jeaneane and me on the beach. There is life after MMA surgery after all!

Jeaneane drove us down to St. Augustine, FL for my nephew’s wedding. We all rented condos where the wedding took place. I’m beginning to get out a little. St. Augustine beach is a beautiful place to relax. It’s really quite here this time of the year.


Day 22 (Thanksgiving Day) on the right vs. pre-op photo on the left. Still have some swelling along with the braces, which make the area around my lips look puffy. The good thing though is that the sleep apnea appears to be completely gone. Waaahoo! IMG_7648 copy

IMG_7951 IMG_7952 


Dec. 2, 2007

Day 32, Dec. 2, 2007


Profile Comparison profile-01 copy – Oct. 31, 07 left, Dec. 2, 07 right. 

 profile-04 copy

New Photo – Dec. 21, 2008