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Mom and Ray Christmas 2013

This is a couple of photos from Christmas 2013 at my brother’s home in Valdosta, GA. We had a great time out behind the pool house where the cooking of some of the most awesome crab legs transpired. They were absolutely delicious, and I didn’t even miss the turkey and dressing.

Mom and Ray were married Feb. 13, 2014.

Mom and Ray, Christmas 2013

Mom and Ray, Christmas 2013

Crab legs for Christmas lunch

Crab legs for Christmas lunch

Kailyn with Santa

Kailyn wanted to go see Santa this year, but when we got there, it apparently was not everything she imagined it would be. She got shy and would not sit in the sleigh without her mommy. Santa was a good sport and offered to get out to stretch his legs.

Kailyn and Jessica with Santa & Ms. Claus Kailyn and Christmas Ornaments

Kudos to the City of McDonough. The town square looked great! After our visit with Santa, we went over to the Gritz Family Restaurant for some good home style cookin’.

Birthday ’08

2008 B'day Card from JeaneaneThanks to everyone that sent cards and called me on my birthday. I turned 49 this week, and I would like to take a few minutes to reflect and appreciate the people most dear to me.

First, I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful family. When I had my surgery back in November of last year, they all rallied around me. I would never have gotten the help I needed for sleep apnea had it not been for my wife. Dr. Roser said it’s usually that way; the spouse brings in the patient more often than not.

Just about everyone on my side and Jeaneane’s side of the family was there at Crawford Long Hospital the day I had my surgery. It was a long day for them. Sitting around the hospital waiting on someone to come out of surgery is just not the most fun way to spend your day.

During the first week of my recovery, I was pretty much an invalid. Jeaneane was there for me around the clock preparing my special diet of liquidy foods and making sure I took my medications at the proper time. Jeaneane’s sister, Shelbie, helped out driving me to several of the doctor appointments Jeaneane could not attend. Amy’s husband, Philip, brought me some Brunswick stew one day when I started eating more solid foods. My brother Jeffry and my mother drove up from Adel to visit a couple of weeks after I came home, since Jeffry was sick the day of my surgery. My brother-in-law, Marty, called numerous times throughout my recovery to keep up with my progress and let me know I was in his prayers.

To my family, I love you all. There’s no need to list everyone by name — you know who you are. Also, to my friends, thank you for being there for me as well. I love you all too.

I am thankful to God that I am still here and for all the things mentioned in the paragraphs above. Without the mercy of God, I would surely not be alive today. I have had a number of close calls in my life time, brushes with catastrophe if you will, and I have always been delivered. With God, all things are possible.

South GA Rainy Landscape

We celebrated Christmas Day with my side of the family at Dustin and Katie’s home south of Valdosta, GA. It was a rainy day, and I kept being drawn to the window and the landscape across the highway.

I finally went outside and grabbed a quick photo with the Canon 10D and 50mm f1.4 lens. The 10D is the older version of Canon’s new EOS 40D. This rural landscape, with the chilly rain descending upon the pine trees and cattle evokes almost a spiritual response–at least it does for me. Good to be able to go inside and enjoy the warmth of Christmas and a wonderful family!

© R. Gandy, Georgia Landscape After Inness 
The scene reminds me of the work of the great landscape painter, George Inness. Born in New York, Inness painted in many parts of the country and Europe, and a number of his paintings were of Georgia and Florida landscapes.

George Inness
Sunrise, 1887

George Inness
Georgia Pines Afternoon, 1886

George Inness
Moonlight Tarpon Springs Florida, 1892

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